Two Turks intend to get to Europe by electric train Lvov-Uzhgorod


869857463524_0Two illegal migrants were apprehended by Transcarpathian border guards in the area of BS “Uzhgorod” of Chop Detachment. Illegal migrants were detected in the electric train Lvov-Uzhgorod. The men were without any documents. During the interview border guards established that both migrants were the citizens of Turkey. They planned to get to EU countries passing the check points.

One more illegal migrant was detained in the forest by the border guards of BS “Tysa” of Chop detachment. This was the citizen of Kazakhstan. Local inhabitant informed the border guards about the man moving towards Hungarian border. The reaction group started to the place of detention and stopped the violator 250 m before the state border line. The detainee had no any documents and introduced himself as the citizen of Kazakhstan. The man confessed in his intention to get to the countries of European Union in illegal way.

Protocols on administrative violation were drawn regarding three illegal migrants. Their further destiny will be defined by the court.