250 refugees from Ukraine may move to Czech Republic in 2016


picAbout 250 ethnic Czechs from Ukraine could move to Czech Republic in 2016. This information was reported by the Prime Minister Boguslav Sobotka during the interpellation in the Parliament. According to his words, there are much more applications on resettlement.

In the end of August of the current year, Czech Republic has registered 119 applications for ethnic Czechs resettlement residing in Ukraine. In 2015 CR allotted 66 million CZK (2.3 mln. euro) for their resettlement.

Displaced persons have a right to get free housing and food in the course of six months in Czech Republic as well as master Czech language and be assisted in the search of dwelling and job. Adults get one paid allowance in the amount of 50 thousand CZK (1785 euro), 20 thousand CZK is given for children (715 euro).

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/180089