Citizen of Turkey traveled to Warsaw by Bulgarian passport, and three Armenians – by forgery Romanian passports


thumb_news_20141124_123003_1416825003Border guards of Lutsk Detachment detected the citizen of Turkey at night in the railway check point “Yagodyn”, who intended to cross the state border using forged document. In the course of the passport control of the passengers from the train “Kyiv-Warsaw” one of them presented the document to check, which caused border detail’s doubts regarding its belonging to the bearer. After performing filtration measures the foreigner confessed that in fact he was the citizen of Turkey and made his way to Poland aiming to be employed. Also he reported that before he worked illegally and was exposed by the Polish law enforcement agents, who deported him home. In consequence he decided to purchase a forged Bulgarian passport for 2000 euro, but his intent was disclosed by the border guards of Lutsk Detachment.

Three more citizens of Armenia planned to get to the countries of European Union by forged documents. Border guards of Lvov Detachment detected the violators in the check point “Grushev”. Three passengers being in the car driven by the citizen of Ukraine presented false documents of the citizens of Romania. During the interview the Armenians reported that they paid 1000 euro for each forgery. Besides, it was established that one of the Armenians was held criminally liable on the territory of Ukraine. Administrative protocols are composed regarding all detainees as well as additional verification measures are conducted.