Border guards of Lviv Detachment revealed forged Croatian passport in citizen of Cuba


Border guards of Lviv Detachment found a forged passport in 36-year0old citizen of Cuba in the check point “Ustylug” at the Ukrainian-Polish border. During border control of the regular bus “Bila Tserkva-Warsaw” the citizen of Cuba travelling as a passenger presented her passport for travelling abroad of the citizen of Croatia. The law enforcers detected the signs of partial forgery in the passport document – replacement of informational page with consistuent data by means of stripping. Also, upon clarification of all circumstances it was learned that the woman had her original passport – citizen of Cuba. Written notification was forwarded to the Police Station in Volyn region, preliminary legal qualification of criminal violation as to Article 358 of Crime Code of Ukraine (falsification of documents, seals, stamps and forms, sale and use of forged documents, seals, stamps).