Border guards revealed two citizens of Moldova without appropriate documents in the regular bus


Border guards of Mohyliv-Podilsk Detachment revealed two citizens of Moldova, one having partially forged passport and the other being undocumented, at Ukrainian-Polish border.

Thus, border guards detected Moldavian’s forged passport in the automobile check point “Mohyliv-Podilsk” during the passport control of the passengers from the regular bus “Moscow-Chisinau”. The man travelled to neighbouring country having foreign passport with pages resewed.

And, border guards of the same detachment revealed a woman from Moldova with no document to cross the border in the course of verification actions as to passengers checkĀ  in the railway station of the check point “Mohyliv-Podilsk”. The woman affirmed to lose her foreign passport in the train “Moscow-Chisinau” she travelled by.

Upon administrative protocols preparation, the violators were handed to Moldavian border guards.