Border guards detained group of illegal migrants in Transcarpathia


Border guards of Chop Detachment detained 3 citizens of Bangladesh in the village of Nevytske, Transcarpathian region. Information about possible violation of the state border was provided by the staff of Operative Department of SBGS. Aiming at search and detention of the violators the reaction group of BS “Guta” started immediately to the place. Found unknown persons made their way to Ukrainian-Slovakian border, however, their plans were failed. Detained violators were delivered to Border Department for filtration measures and preparing appropriate procedural documents. Upon persons’ identification they will be called to administrative responsibility as to Part 2 Article 204-1 of Administrative Infringement Code “Violation or attempt to violate the state border”. Also, the border guards of Chop Detachment in cooperation with Slovakian colleagues detained the citizen of Ukraine, who crossed illegally the state border. When patrolling the area being in responsibility of BS “Knyagynya”, the law enforcers noticed unfamiliar person crossing to the territory of Slovakian Republic at that moment. The man was apprehended and held administratively liable. The court will determine his type of punishment for committed infringement.