120 thousand illegal migrants have been detained at Ukrainian border for the years of Independence


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine pays constant attention to efficiency raise as to fight against the organized criminality at the state border and counteraction to illegal migration.

The results of operative-service activity testify this fact. Besides, in the course of the last 2 years there were 20 thousand orders performed authorised by state bodies and 60 thousand protocols drawn for illegal cross of the state border.

In addition, counteraction to illegal migration has been sufficiently enforced. During the six month of 2017 border guards apprehended 320 migrants for violation of the “green corridor” and discredited quite many directions of their smuggling. Regardless of periodical activation of different channels, namely from Vietnam, India, Afghanistan and Syria, the migration station in Ukraine currently does not present any substantial threats to border safety. The resolution of the last is confirmed by European institutions organizing the protection of exterior EU borders.

At the same time it is worth mentioning that changeable situations as to the flow of illegal migrants through the territory of Ukraine to the countries of Western Europe was affected by the troublesome daily work of the  border guards. Since the times of Ukraine’s Independence more than 120 thousand such “travellers” were detained  for attempt to cross the state border.

The peak of migrants’ flow was in 1994-1999, where there were 65 thousand foreigners apprehended. In the following three years numbers in illegal migration decreased to 50-70% due to the system approaches applied to improve border protection. However, in 2003-2005 the criminal elements restructured the flows, and in consequence, activation of illegal migration namely due to sufficient increase of illegal migrants from the CIS. The next some years the citizens from namely CIS countries left to be the basic category of illegal migrants. Beginning from 2008 it has been managed to decrease the number of illegal migrants’ attempts to cross the state borders on EU countries to 10% and constant decline in illegal migration is recorded in the course of the following years. For example, 3 400 migrants were detained in 2008 for illegal cross of the border, and 1 000 in 2016.

As a rule, for the illegal migrants to travel  within Ukraine the means of legal entrance the country by real documents are used for studying, tourism, business, private goals. Then, their further movement is organized to the western border area in order to cross the border in illegal way.