Border guards revealed forged documents owned by citizen of Cameroon and Ukrainian


The staff of the Border Guard Office continues detecting forged documents at the checkpoints trying to use the status of «seekers of a better life.” Thus, border guards found false documents for temporary residence in Spain owned by a citizen of Cameroon at the international airport Boryspil. A 27-year-old traveled by transit via Kyiv intending to get to Milan afterwards. The falsification was discovered by the border guards when the foreigner passed the border control at the checkpoint “Boryspil”. The man has already been returned by a back flight to Istanbul.

In addition, at the check point Milove bordering on Russia, the border guards of the Luhansk Detachment detained a citizen of Ukraine presenting the passport contained invalid stamp of the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The woman was detained and a notification on entering into the Unified Register of State Registration about revealing the signs of a criminal offense provided for in the Art. 358 CCU (Forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, sale or use of forged documents, seals, stamps) was forwarded to the National Police.