Transcarpathian border guards detained two illegal migrants from Turkey


The foreigners intending to get illegally to the European Union were apprehended by the border guards of BD “Guta”, Chop Detachment, in the morning. Having no any documents two illegal migrants attempted to get through the woods to the Ukrainian-Slovakian border. The militaries hindered their plans noticing the motion of unknown persons 500 m before the state border. The violators, introduced as the citizens of Turkey, were detained for attempt to overcome the barrage fence. As it was established by the border guards one of the detainees was caught already the second time for crossing the state border. Currently, the violators are delivered to the BD “Guta” in order to undergo filtration measures and drawing up appropriate procedural documents. Upon persons’ identification they will be called to administrative responsibility under the Part 2 Art. 204-1 AICU “Illegal cross or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine”