Hindu and Georgian offered more than a half thousand USD to the border guards in “Boryspil”


The border guards of separate check point “Kyiv” in the check point “Boryspil” recorded two cases of the foreigners’ bribing aiming at receiving a positive decision on their passing through the body.

The unlawful gratitude was offered by 31-year-old Hindu arriving to Ukraine by the flight from Almaty. He tries to conduct bribing of the border guards offering 500 USD.  During the border control the foreigner could not confirm the aim of stay on the territory of the country.

One more foreigners attempted to bribe the border guards offering 50 USD. The citizen of Georgia, born in 1974, arrived from Tbilisi and was also unable to confirm his goal of the trip to Ukraine. Thus, he received a reject.

Based on the fact of unlawful gratitude offer the staff of National Police was informed on the point. Both citizens are banned to enter the territory of Ukraine for the term of three years.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/ponad-pivtisyachi-dolariv-ssha-indus-ta-gruzin-proponuvali-prikordonnikam-u-borispoli-/