Representatives of State Border Guard Service took part in the meeting of the Joint Committee on Readmission


Recently, the 11th annual Ukrainian-European meeting of the Joint Committee on Readmission took place in Ukraine.

During the event the following questions were discussed: existing progress of Ukraine and the EU on the conclusion of agreements and implementation protocols on readmission of persons, as well as problematic issues for the effective implementation of the Agreement between Ukraine and EU on readmission of persons.

In particular, it was informed that Ukraine today has already concluded 4 implementing protocols to the above-mentioned Agreement, namely with Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic and Poland, dialogue with another 20 member countries of the EU on conclusion similar protocols is in process. Thus, Protocol between Ukraine and the Benelux countries is on the final stage of the negotiation.

Also, this year Ukraine has ratified readmission agreements with Moldova and Switzerland, the agreement on readmission between Ukraine and Belarus signing is expected to take place. The corresponding negotiations are actively conducted with the states of migration risk – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the like.

During the meeting the representative of the European Agency FRONTEX noted a positive experience of the Ukrainian border guards in the implementation of illegal migrants’ accompaniment, who refuse to fulfil a court decision about their forced expulsion, and proposed to continue the practice of joint operations in supporting and training of border guards in this area.

In general, the representatives of the European side stressed the excellent cooperation with Ukraine not only in the field of readmission, but also in the field of migration. The next meeting of the Joint Committee on readmission is planned to be held in September 2019 in the city Of Kyiv.