Citizen of Congo attempted to use forged document to get to Italy


The border guards of the separate check point “Kyiv” found a forged document belonging to a passenger, who planned to get on the flight “Kyiv-Milan”. The Ukrainian law enforcers established that in order to pass the border control he provided a fully forged ID-card of the citizen of France. The person was returned by a back flight to Turkey and was banned to enter Ukraine for a period of 3 years.

It will be recalled that during the passport control in the check points the staff of the SBGS revealed and refused almost 4650 potential migrants to enter Ukraine in 2018. These were mainly the citizens of the RF (563), Turkey (490), Moldova (468), India (430), Georgia (361), Iraq (349) and Uzbekistan (195), as well as Nigeria (152), Libya (150), Iran (133) and Morocco (104). Source: