Citizen of Turkey attempted to avoid the check point in Transcarpathia


In the check point “Luzhanka” the detail has revealed 44-year-old foregner, who attempted to cross the border illegally.  The man passed by the passport control desk not providing documents for control. The border guards detained the offender immediately. In the course of filtration activities it was established that the Turk citizen tried the cross the state border not for the first time. In October 2018 the border guards apprehended the foreigner, when he wished to cross Ukrainian-Polish border beyond the check point. For the committed offense, the Turk will bear the responsibility for which is provided in Part 1 Article. 204 of AICU “Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border”, as well as a protocol was drawn up. The foreigner’s fate and assessment of his actions will be determined by the court.