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The law enforcers detained two citizens of Syria nearby the Polish border


Thus, the border guards of the BD “Syanky”, Mostyska Detachment, togather with the policemen found the foreigners during the check of the car. The persons from the Middle East were driving in the car of Lithuania registration in the Transcarpathian region. One of the Syrians had no any identification documents, the other had a certificate of application for protection in Ukraine.

One Syrian citizen was arrested up to 3 days for identification, he was placed to the Temporary Detention Facility, the other man was brought to the administrative responsibility under the Art 202 of the AICU.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/nepodalik-kordonu-z-polshcheyu-pravoohoronci-zatrimali-dvoh-gromadyan-sirii/