Special mission of Volyn deputies and journalists is going to visit rebellious Somalis


The last events around Temporary Accommodation Centre (TAC) in Zhuravychi gave rise to loud discussion of the problem in social network Facebook. It seems that a special mission of deputies and journalist is going to visit TAC in Volyn. Finally, bloggers out of number of deputies and journalist acquainted with the situation directly at the place. It became know from the discussions in the social network.

Local politologist and journalist Ruslan Tymoschuk, who initiated the discussion of the problem, regards that such centres should not be in Ukraine, as the part of their residents persistently aim to stay here for permanent residence.

“Take notice of the fact that the part of centre’s resident has already asked to stay in Ukraine. I know for sure that these persons are not qualified doctors, workers or engineers. What for will they live here?..” – Tymoschuk asks.

The deputy if Volyn Council Igor Guz found out that the trip to TAC is ready to start, which became the place of unforeseen situations of different kind during the last period.  Interest to the problem and readiness to assist in its solution was marked by another deputy of Regional Council and journalist of “Volyn-nova” Oleksandr Pyrozhyk. He thinks that the problem has already appeared in the time of “orange revolution” when its members were in power in the region and the centre in Zhuravychi was in the process of its building. According to the words of journalist and deputy, now we have enough of it. Other journalists of leading Volyn editions also offered to join the trip to Zhuravychi. Thus, it is evident, that in the course of the nearest time the problem will go beyond the Departments and organizations taking care of TAC till present time.

Source: http://provolyn.com/news_2012-02-06/15228-do-buntivnih-somaliyciv-zibravsya-volinskiy-deputatsko-zhurnalistskiy-desant