Bulgarians apprehended in Romania smuggled Syrians to Hungary


8459607-0695847The real criminal situation happened at the border point in Romania, at the border on Hungary and region of Timisoara…

Romanian border guards apprehended the citizens of Bulgaria intending illegally to smuggle Syrians to Hungary.

The Syrians were held between the luggage boot and the seat of the car being pressed in a small space with a risk to suffocate.

According to preliminary information, Syrians were directed to Austria and Germany, and Bulgarian played the role of smugglers.

The illegal migrants paid $6-8 thousand to local dealers for this trip.

It will be recalled that before Romanian border guards stopped the attempt of 7 Iraqis to cross the border on Hungary illegally, moreover, generally Iraqi illegal migrants planned to get to Hungary on foot and then to the Western Europe.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/156374