In 2014 border guards detected more than 1100 forged signs of State Border Guard Service


thumb_news_20150202_122154_1422872514Border guards of State Border Guard Service detected three violators intending to cross the state border by forged documents. Border guards of Kharkiv Detachment in the check point “Kharkiv-air” detained the citizen of Azerbaijan. It was established that he presented someone’s passport of the citizen of Uzbekistan for passport control also containing the false signs of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Two citizens of Moldova planned to cross the border with forged signs in the check point “Platonove” and “Mayaky”. The violators were stopped by the border guards of Kotovskyi and Belgorod-Dniprovskyi Detachments. The officers of MOI were informed on this point.

In total, in the course of the year 2014, more than 1100 persons were detected with false SBGS signs.