Criminal group intended to smuggle 12 Afghans and 4 Syrians to EU countries


5960796857463524SSU has submitted materials to the court as to the malefactors intending to smuggle 16 illegal migrants though the border in Transcarpathian region…

The SSU investigators completed the pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceeding as to the organizers of international channel of illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine. It was established that four malefactors looked for the illegal migrants, provided them with temporary housing, transport and accompanied them in the border area in order then to smuggle them beyond the check points. The criminal group planned to smuggle 12 citizens of Afghanistan and 4 Syrians. They had to deliver illegal migrants to Ukrainian-Slovakian border, however, they were detained by the SSU officers.

The materials of criminal proceeding as to Part 3 Article 332 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border committed on preliminary agreement by the group of persons) of CC of Ukraine was submitted to Perechyn District Court of Transcarpathian region.