Citizen of Ireland possessed forged documents

12-05- 2015

Border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” in the airport “Boryspil” exposed Ukrainian forged residence certificate in the citizen of Ireland. During the check in of the passengers of the flight “Kyiv-Frankfurt” border guards established that the certificate for permanent residence in Ukraine contained some signs of forgery. During interview the woman confessed that she had bought this document via the Internet for 4 500 UAH. The violator was passed to the MOI officers.

The border guards of Kherson Detachment in the check point “Kherson-air” found out that the some pages for signs were torn out from the passport of the citizen of Cameroon. The man intended to get to the capital of Turkey with this passport.

One more violator without documents was apprehended 10 m before the state border by the border guards of Sumy Detachment “Shalygine”. The man reported that he arrived from Tadzhikistan. His documents identifying his personality were as if lost.