Norwegian intended to cross the border on friend’s passport, Pakistani and Lithuanian – at “green corridor”

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In the international check point, border guards of Lutsk Detachment detected the citizen of Norway in the train “Warsaw-Kyiv” who intended to cross the state border of Ukraine in illegal way. The foreigner showed a document for passport control which was invalid, and the border guards exposed it to be belonged to another person. The Norwegian explained that he mixed up the passports and gave the passport of his friend, who forgot it after the join vacation in Europe. Confirmation of these words and clarification of all circumstances are checked by the border guards, the citizen of Norway expects for the court decision considering his attempt to cross the stat border of Ukraine.

In Bukovyn, the border guards of Chernivtsiw Detachment “Mamalyga” apprehended the citizen of Turkmenistan. The man, except the employment permit on the territory of Moldova, had no any documents. The violator was fined for the sum of 1 700 UAH and was passed to the Migration Service.

Two more violators were detained at the “green” corridor by the border guards of BS “Shegeni” of Mostytskyi Detachment in Lviv region. Both appeared to be nearby the border on Poland. As it was established soon, one of the detainees, 41-year-old citizen of Lithuania was on the international wanted list. The other one – citizen of Pakistan intended to get to EU aiming at further employment.