Family from Syria was detected in “Boryspil” with forged documents


Border guards of separate check point “Kyiv” in the airport “Boryspil” detected a fathumb_news_20150518_111902_1431937142mily from Syria with forged documents.

While checking in the passengers of the flight “Istanbul-Kyiv” 70-year-old citizens of Syria, his wife (63 y.o.) and their son (26 y.o.) were apprehended presenting false passport documents of the citizens of Turkey. The family intended to get to Sweden. With this purpose the false Schengen visas were glued into the forged. During the interview the man reported that Ukraine should be as their transit country on the way to Scandinavia. They bought a pack of forged documents in Istanbul paying for it $15 000: Turkish passports with Schengen visas and forged Ukrainian visas glued to their real Syrian documents. So far, the family violating the Ukrainian legislation is return by back flight.