Six illegal migrants from Iraq and Sudan were apprehended at Transcarpathian border


79797867State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continues to take a complex of measures to counteract the illegal activity at the state border.

Special operations are realized along the whole area of the border involving the power agencies not only of our country as well as of the neighboring ones.

One of them is “Border-2015”, the main aim of which is to fight against illegal migration. Decreasing the level of unlawful activity should be the result of operation which is connected with organization of channel of illegal migrants’ transportation and improve the cooperation at the intra-departmental, intra-agency and international levels in the sphere of counteraction to illegal migration.

In the frames of this operation border guards of BS “Luzhanka” of Mukacevo Detachment detected and detained 5 citizens of Iraq and 1 from Iran the day before. The reaction group arrested the violators moving towards the border on Hungary 3 km before the state border.

Now, the border guards conduct the verification actions as to the violators and searches of the persons involved in assistance to foreigners’ trip.

One more violator was apprehended nearby the border on Poland at the bank of the river the Western Buh by the border guards of BS “Rovno” of Lutsk Detachment. The man had no any documents being previously established as the citizen of South-Eastern Asia.