Slovakia has strengthened protection of border on Ukraine


picThe Minister of Interior of Slovakia Robert Kalynyak has demonstrated appropriate security measures at the eastern border to his Czech colleague Milan Khovanets, it is reported by European Truth. Besides, Kalynyak mentioned the Optasense System allowing monitoring the situation at the border.

“We have a system of microphones at the border allowing detecting different attempts of the illegal border crossing. Thus, the smugglers of illegal migrants cannot use neither underground nor overground ways”, – it was said by Minister.

According to his words, the border has become strengthened by the army, however, the number of policemen is also enlarged who are in the distance of 40 km deep the country and assist in exposing illegal migrant and detain them.
Then, as it was told by Minister, an issue is under consideration whether detainees are asylum seekers or illegal migrants, who according to Agreement on Readmission, are subject to return to the territory of Ukraine.
The head of MOI of Czech Republic appraised and suggested that there are much more policemen at the border than in Poland and Hungary.
“If Greece or any other countries have made just the third of these efforts, Europe would not face this kind of problem as now”, – Khovanets indicated.