Migration Service caught 60 illegal migrants for a week


picForeign citizens are attracted to administrative responsibility for committed violations of stay in Ukraine. The staff of Head Department of Transcarpathian MSU detected three foreigners – citizens of Afghanistan and Libya in Uzhgorod in a result of railway station inspection conducted in the frames of target preventive actions under the conventional name “Migrant”. When checking documents it was established that the men had no permission document for staying in Ukraine. The foreigners were made responsible in administrative order for violated legislation.

In the course of the first week of jointly performed target preventive measures on supervision and control for keeping legislation in the migration sphere under the congenital name “Migrant”, the staff of Migration service together with policemen exposed 60 violators of migration law. Three foreigners got shortening of their term stay. As to 4 citizens – a decision was made on forced expel from Ukraine. In total, 31 illegal migrants were detected.