Korean with forged passport was apprehended at the border


picOne of the passengers of the bus arriving to the Ukrainian-Hungarian border presented the document of the citizen of Korean Republic for passport control. Border inspector doubted in fictions nature of this document and he conducted a detailed examination of it using special means. During the check inspector detected some pages to be glued in from another passport. Besides, there were some forgeries in it.

Falsifying the passport the Korean citizen intended to cross the border, thus a corresponding protocol was drawn as to Article 204-1 of Administrative Code of Ukraine. Border guards informed Uzhhorod Department of Transcarpathian National Police on this fact and sent the statement to control the signs of criminal crime commitment stipulated by Part 4 Article 358 of Crime Code of Ukraine. Due to non-serious crime the Korean was not arrested by Police. Thus, he expects the Court on administrative violation in Ukraine.