Georgian offered border guards $400 bribe to enter Ukraine


Improper advantage in the amount of $400 was offered by the citizen of Georgia to the officers of SBGS in the check point “Zhulyany”. Young man, DOB 1993, arrived by flight from Tbilisi, however, during the control inspector of Border Guard Service noticed the exceeded term in previous arrival within Ukrainian territory. To let him go over the border, the Georgian offered a bribe to the border guard. Border guards informed competent bodies about this infringement, which was documented. The violator was called to administrative responsibility for these actions and would be returned by the closest flight back to Georgia.

And in Bokovyn, the citizen of Moldova intended to bribe border detail, who returned back home through the check point “Rososhany”. 54-year-old Moldavian also relied to avoid responsibility for exceeding the stay period for 700 uAH. Border guards of Chernovtsy Detachment rejected the bribe and informed Police on this point.