Border guards apprehended two Tadzhiks during the attempt to cross EU border


На границе Закарпатье задержаны два нелегала из ТаджикистанаTwo men from Tajikistan intended to reach EU two times, in both cases they failed.

First, 47 and 22-year-old travelers tried to cross Hungarian border officially in the check point “Luzhanka”. However, because of lacking visas, Hungarian border guards refused them in entering the territory. The Hungarian law enforcers also rejected in providing the citizens with refugee status granting on which they applied motivating their request by the fact that they were the active participants of meetings against Tajikistan authority.

Then, the men decided to wait for the nigh and cross Ukrainian-Hungarian border in illegal way. This attempt also was unsuccessful. Illegal migrants were apprehended 600 m before the border by the border guards of BS “Luzhanka” of Mukachevo Detachment. Foreigners were delivered to Border Department of BS “Luzhanka” for drawing up administrative-procedural documents and establishing details of illegal trip. Their actions will be evaluated by the court.