Border guards apprehended illegal migrants and their smuggler in Transcarpathia


Пограничники Чопского отряда задержали мигрантовThe border guards of Chop Detachment detained illegal migrants and one Ukrainian in the area of Ukrainian-Slovakia border in the frames of operation on counteraction to illegal migration. Alarm complex has operated in the area of BS “Uzhgorod”. In a result of inspection, the officers discovered a hole in the barrage fence and tracks. Not loosing time the border guards started the searching actions. Unfamiliar person was apprehended, according to his words – citizen of Ukraine, who, was probably involved in illegal migrants smuggling through the state border. Service dog assisted in this.

In the course of further actions, border guards detected and detained citizens from Egypt (1) and Sri Lanka (2) in the distance of about 300 m from the border line. The violators did not have any documents, rejecting to provide any explanations. So far, measures on persons’ identification, circumstances establishment and preparation of necessary procedural documents are in the process.

Also, within the last days border guards of the same detachment detained two citizens of Vietnam aiming at crossing the state border and looking for better life conditions in the countries of European Union. The violators were detected by the district inspector of Border Guard Service while examining the vehicle station in Uzhgorod. One of the detainees did not have any documents identifying him, however, another one had passport of the citizen of Vietnam. The men were delivered to BS “Uzhgorod” in order to clarify the circumstances. Besides, during the interview, the violators confessed in their intention to reach EU countries appropriate procedural documents are drawn up as to the detainees. Their further destiny will be determined by the court.