Refugees will be let in to Ukraine in exchange for visa free regime with EU


По словам Петухова, Украине надо стать нужной ЕСAccording to the words of Petukhov, Ukraine is required to become necessary for EU. The deputy of Ministry of Justice on European Integration, Sergey Petukhov, has thought out how to get EU visa-free regime. According to his words, currently, many people are hurt by EU for postponing the decision on visa-free for Ukraine.

“Certainly we do have a full right to feel ourselves betrayed as have become hostages of migration crisis and a factor of election planned to be in the next year in the major EU countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands). However, in my opinion, instead of taking offence one should look for the ways to become required and necessary for them. For example, I see EU need in close cooperation with Ukraine with regard to the investigation of international and trans-border crimes. In particular, as to the words of Petukhov, Ukraine could sign up Agreement with Europol. Also, the Minister Deputy regards Ukraine to offer EU taking voluntary quota for migrants’ resettlement.

“I suppose our country to take the quota in full, for example, of the Netherlands. It could become an important reflection of solidarity with Europe in solving common problem. Sure, we would ask additional financing from EU or separate country, and these would be less enough means as had been spent for their keeping in EU”, – he reported.