Border guards apprehended 3 citizens of Turkey in the Transcarpathian checkpoint


Three citizens of Turkey, one of whom was a woman, were apprehended late in the evening by the border guards of Chop Detachment in Transcarpathia. The citizens arrived to the check point “Uzhgorod” to exit Ukraine by the car of Moldavian registration as passengers. Upon border control was performed it was established that all three persons presented their document for passport control, which were forged passports of the Turkish citizens having information pages replaced. It was also learned that the day before the citizens of Turkey arrived to Ukraine using their valid foreign passports. Notification about revealing the criminal infringement signs stipulated by Article 358 of Crime Code of Ukraine “Documents, stamps, seals and forms falsification, sale or use of forged documents, stamps, seals” was forwarded to Uzhgorod Department of Police in Transcarpathian region. Upon protocol drafting as to Article 204-1 of Administrative Infringements Code the persons were passed the staff of National Police.