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Border guards revealed six citizens of Iraq and Iran having forged documents in the Boryspil airport


While checking the documents of the passengers arrived from Istanbul in the checkpoint  Boryspil, the law enforcers detected Iraqi citizen who provided partially fake passport of a citizen of Paraguay for verification. As it was established later, he tried to get to Great Britain by this passport.

The other case was fixed in some hours during the documents check of the passengers, who also traveled to London, but by another flight. The family from Iran composed of 5 persons attempted to get to London using partially forged passports of the citizens of Great Britain.

All detected offenders were returned by the back flight.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/u-borispoli-prikordonniki-viyavili-u-shistoh-gromadyan-iraku-ta-iranu-pidrobleni-dokumenti/


Two Iranian citizens with false documents were identified in the capital airport


Two Iranians having completely forged documents of the citizens of Denmark, travelling from Istanbul to Great Britain, were revealed among the transit passengers in the International Airport Boryspil. Currently, the foreigners are rejected in crossing the state border of Ukraine and are returned by a back flight to Istanbul.