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Five illegal migrants and smuggler from Odesa region were apprehended in the woods nearby Uzhhorod


In the coure of preventive operation “Migrant” the illegal migrants were apprehended by the representatives of the Department for Counteraction to Crimes associated with human trafficking together with the policemen of the Uzhhorod response units of Mukchevo Border Detachment and staff of the Migration Service nearby the village of Hluboke in the wood line. Five foreigners (21 to 50 years old) had no any documents. In addition, there was 35-year-old Ukrainian citizen in the car, who had been living in Ukraine for a long time. He is suspected in organization of illegal transportation. Police initated the criminal proceeding as to the fact of the offence. It is planned to transport them to Mukachevo Border Detachment. The investigation goes on.


Moroccan was escaping the border control to enter the EU got himself to the bus


The offender was found that night in the checkpoint “Uzhhorod” by the border guards of Chop Detachment.

The man was posing as a passenger on one of the international buses to exit Ukraine. When verifying passport documents the man abruptly pushed the border guards and escaped. The man was planning to cross illegally the border and hiding behind various buildings, made his way outside the checkpoint. Later on he was arrested.

The offender had no any documents, however, called himself as a citizen of Morocco. The border guards found out that the foreigner fot into the secretly when it stopped before border control.

Also it was established that the foreigner had already been detained for the violation of the stay rules withing Ukraine and he border regime.

The citizen of Morocco was delivered to border unit to identify him, circumstances of the offense and to verify the actions. This time he will be liable for his attempt of illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine.


Illegal migrants from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh were apprehended in Lviv region


When receiving information from the local residents about appearance of unknown persons, the border guards of Lviv Detachment stopped two cars for inspection in the suburb of the village Shabelna.  There were 9 persons inside the vehicle, including also those of Asian appearance. After documents check the border guards established that 5 persons were the citizens of Ukraine and other persons had no any documents and were probably the migrants from other countries. One of them was the citizen of Bangladesh, who had the Certificate on appeal for protection in Ukraine, three other men introduced themselves as the citizens of Sri Lanka.  All detainees were delivered to the Border Department for clarification of all circumstances of the infringement. Administrative-procedural documents were prepared as to the foreigners. So far, their participation in unlawful activities connected with illegal transportation of persons through the state border is under establishment.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/nelegaliv-z-shri-lanki-ta-bangladesh-prikordonniki-zatrimali-na-lvivshchini/

Four illegal migrants were detained at the border


The staff of BD “Nyzhankovychi”, Ukrainian-Polish border, detained three Iraqi citizens without documents. The law enforcers revealed the officers due to the available information received from local residents. As it was established the citizens arrived to Ukraine legally, but aimed to continue the journey to Europe in illegal way. The decision in the case concerning the attempts to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine will be made in the court.

Also at the checkpoint “Krakovets” during the border control the border guards detained the foreigner personating himself as another citizen. During the documents verification of the passengers from the minibus the inspector’s attention has been attracted by the passport of the Turkish citizen. The law enforcer established the significant differences in the man’s appearance and image in the document. Soon, the man confirmed that this passport document did not belong to him. Now, the man will have to answer before court for his attempt to cross illegally the border of Ukraine.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/na-kordoni-z-polshcheyu-zatrimano-chergovih-nelegaliv/

In Sumy region border guards apprehended illegal migrants from the South-Eastern Asia


The border guards of Sumy Detachment together with the operative-searching subdivisions of the State Border Guard service of Ukraine apprehended a group of illegal migrants from the South-Eastern Asia and Ukrainians transporting them.

Processing information about possible migrants’ smuggling from Russia to Ukraine in due time the border detail found the minibus «Volkswagen Transporter» of Ukrainian registration. The driver noticing the border guards ignored the legal demands to stop and fled. The pursuit began and soon it was stopped by blocking the pass.  The car was driven by the citizen of Ukraine.

During the prosecution the border guards watched haw the backpacks and clothing were thrown from the car and during the short stop a group of persons ran out of it. The search of unknown persons was performed with the assistance of the search dogs and a thermal observation device. After some time, the border guards detained four persons of Asian appearance without documents, being previously established as the citizens of Bangladesh.

Currently, the filtration actions are performed, the relevant law enforcement agencies are informed on the fact.

For willful failure to comply with lawful orders of a soldier of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine the administrative materials according to the Article 185-10 of the Administrative Infringement Code of Ukraine were prepared with regard to the 49-year-old driver. In addition, the investigation materials about the criminal offense, were sent to the Investigation Department of National Police in Sumy region, responsibility for which is provided in the Article 332 (Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The appropriate records are entered into the Unified register of Pre-judicial Investigations.


Four illegal migrants were apprehended by the border guards in Uzhhorod


Four foreigners of Asian appearance were hiding in the private house in one of the central streets of Uzhhorod. Detainees had no any documents, however introduced themselves as the citizens of India. In the course of verification actions it was learned that the foreigners were waiting there for the persons to smuggle them illegally over the border in order to get to one of the EU countries. Currently, the law enforcers establish the persons involved in organization of foreigners’ illegal transportation over the border. According to this fact the criminal proceeding has been initiated under the Article 332 of the Crime Code of Ukraine “Illegal tranportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine’.


Two Iranian citizens with false documents were identified in the capital airport


Two Iranians having completely forged documents of the citizens of Denmark, travelling from Istanbul to Great Britain, were revealed among the transit passengers in the International Airport Boryspil. Currently, the foreigners are rejected in crossing the state border of Ukraine and are returned by a back flight to Istanbul.


Positive and negative consequences of Ukrainian labor migration

The politics commenting on the issues of migration, mainly remember it in a negative context, it is written in the blog on the “New time” by the Deputy Executive Director of the Center for Economic Strategy Dmitryi Yablonovskii. But is it migration, especially labour one, only a “betrayal” and how to fight this “betrayal”?

The increase in labor mobility contributes to global economic development. This occurs because economic resources are used through migration more productively. However, for donor countries the effect of migration is not always positive. The labor force is one of the production factors. Its lack in a result of migration may inhibit the development of the economy. If the highly educated and highly skilled workers leave the country, it restrains technological development and implementation of innovations limiting a qualitative change in the structure of the economy.

According to the researches of the Center for Economic Strategy “How many Ukrainians have gone abroad and what the country should do about it”, migration in Ukraine has primarily a short-term, pendular character. According to our expert estimates, up to 4 million Ukrainians may be involved in labour migration, while at the same time outside of the country this figure may be up to 2.6-2.7 million Ukrainians.

The negative effects of short-term labour migration can involve: a decrease in consumer demand, reduce of the tax revenues and social contributions, wage inflation, social stratification of the society. But the positive effect includes – reduction in unemployment and poverty, the inflow of remittances, greater incentives to invest in education.

Migrants bring or transfer to Ukraine funds earned abroad annually, which comprises 7.6-8.4% of GDP. This amount exceeds the entire volume of foreign direct investment in our country. For example, in 2015-2017 years, this money helped to keep the surplus of the current account balance close to zero.

Among the negative consequences of migration there is a labor shortage, which becomes especially noticeable with the release out of the economy crisis. The labor migrants leave the country for higher wages. To compete with wages of the foreign employers and not to lose competitiveness the Ukrainian enterprises are forced to invest in increasing productivity.

The Ukrainians working abroad, as a rule, do not pay taxes on their income, but often receive subsidies and social benefits from the state. In 2015-2016 the transfers from the state accounted for 27% of total resources of the households, more than 40% of Ukrainian families receive subsidies. It can be assumed that part of these funds was received by the Ukrainians, who could not qualify for them, if the declared income earned abroad.

In the absence of reliable data it is difficult to accurately estimate the net impact of migration on the country’s economy. In our opinion, it is positive during the crisis, but can become a constraining factor for economic development in the long term perspective.

European experience shows: the countries just joining the EU have experienced large-scale emigration wave to the more developed EU countries. For example, the population of Latvia in the years of 2000 – 2017 was reduced by a quarter. According to the International Monetary Fund in different Eastern European countries the emigration “has cut” 0.6-0.9 GDP from the annual GDP growth in 1999-2014.

In order to avoid the negative impact of the migration on economic growth in the long term perspective, Ukraine needs investments to improve productivity. This will improve real wages within the country and make migration to be a less attractive alternative.


Three illegal migrants from India were detained at the border on Poland


Information about three foreigners’ motion toward the border was reported to the officers of the BD “Shegeni” by the local residents. Not wasting time, the law enforcers started to the place of possible stay of the offenders. The persons intending to walk beyond the check point aiming to cross the Ukrainian-Polish border were detained. They were the citizens of India, two men and a woman, YOB 1989, 1996 and 1975.

The protocols as to the offenders were drawn up under the Part 2 Article 204-1 of Administrative Infringement Code of Ukraine “Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine”.


How many Ukrainians work in Poland?


Currently, there is about one million Ukrainians work in Poland, however, only 300 ths persons are registered in the Pension System. People are sent from Ukraine as if on business trips. As soon as they receive a work permit there, they are discharged in Ukraine and are not insured at the place of work. A person paying no any insurance premium he/she does not have any record of service. If returning to Ukraine he/she does not have right for pension in neither country. Due to the labor migration process Ukraine faces a problem of experts’ lack. If this tendency continues we will have a complete staff shortage, even unqualified. 7 million citizens of Ukraine are involved in seasonal labor migration, in addition to that 3,2 mln work constantly abroad.

Before, it was reported that three fourth of Ukrainians working in Poland have jobs associated with physical work, and only 1% of Ukrainians in Poland posses the executive clerk positions.

Source: https://1news.com.ua/ukraine/reva-rozpoviv-skilki-ukrayintsiv-pratsyuyut-u-polshhi.html