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Three cars with 12 citizens of Bangladesh were apprehended in Bukovyn


Verifying operative information by joint interagency group nearby the border in Novoselytskyi district three cars were stopped at night being driven by Ukrainians. It was established that there were 4 undocumented foreigners in each car. According to previous information the detained men were migrants from Bangladesh. The foreigners were delivered to the Border Unit in order to perform the filtration measures and identify persons. Three their smugglers are threatened with responsibility under Article  206-1 of the AICU (Illegal transportation of foreigners and stateless persons within the territory of Ukraine).

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/na-bukovini-nepodalik-kordonu-zatrimano-tri-avtomobili-z-12-gromadyanami-bangladesh-/

Law enforcers apprehended seven citizens of China in Odessa market, who violated the stay rules in Ukraine

Law enforcers apprehended seven citizens of China in Odessa market, who violated the stay rules in Ukraine


In the frames of operation “Migrant” the staff of Operation Units of the Southern Regional Department of SBGS, the SSU staff and SMSU in Odessa region have conducted a complex of events on the territory of the market “7th kilometer” in Odessa city, focused on the information verification as to the illegal stay of the foreigners within the Ukrainian territory.

In a result of conducted events 7 foreigners were revealed and delivered to the office of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, who violated the stay rules in Ukraine. The protocols were prepared with regard to the foreigners. they were fined for the sum of 119000 UAH. Now, the issue on their expulsion from the country is under the consideration.


Two “hapiness seakers” were apprehended in Transcarpathia


Receiving information from the local resident about possible smuggling of illegal migrants the border guards immediteadetly organized joint searching operation with the Police in the course of whicg two undocumented men were revealed. The detained persons introduced as the citizens of Mongolia. The men intended to cross illegally the Ukrainian-Hungarian border in order to move further aiming to improve their life conditions in one of the countries of the European Union. The foreigners were delivered to border unit for drawing up protocols and their identification as well as establishing the circle of persons involved in organization of there migrants’ illegal trip. The court will make the final decision on their case.