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Three “lost” foreigners without documents were detained at the border on Moldova


Last night the border guards of the BU “Starokozache”, Belgorod-Dniester Detachment detected a group of undocumented persons at the checkpoint “Mayaky” near the Ukrainian-Moldovan border, while checking the car “Volkswagen” of Bulgarian registration.

In total,  there were four passengers in the foreign car, except the driver, – three foreigners, who introduced themselves as the citizens of Eritrea, and one Ukrainian.

According to foreigners’ words, two Ukrainians picked them up at the Central bus station of Odessa and as if had to take to the bus station in Bolgrad, Odessa region. The travelers refused to explain the reason of the occurence at the border.

Currently, all circumstances of the offense commitment are under establishment. With regard to the driver, a Protocol was drawn up under article 206-1 of the Administrative Code “Illegal transportation of foreigners and stateless persons by the territory of Ukraine”, and with respect to citizens of Eritrea – under Part 2 Article 204-1 of the Administrative Code “Illegal crossing or attempt to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine”.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/troh-zablukavshih-inozemciv-bez-dokumentiv-zatrimano-na-kordoni-z-moldovoyu/

Two illegal immigrants from Turkey were detained by the border guards in Transcarpathia


Information about the movement of unknown persons in the border area was received by the officers last night from a local resident. The  additional outfits were immediately sent to search the offenders, one of which was found on the outskirts of the village of Strychava, Velykyi Bereznyi district. The two men moved towards the state border when they were stopped by the guards of the Chop Detachment. The detained citizens of Turkey admitted that they intended to get into the EU bypassing checkpoints with the aim of improving living conditions.

Currently, the foreigners are delivered to the border subdivision. The protocols on the detection the signs of an administrative offense under Part 2 Article 204-1 of AICU “Illegal cross or attempt of illegal state border cross”.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/dvoh-nelegaliv-z-turechchini-zatrimali-prikordonniki-na-zakarpatti/

Lviv border guards detained 11 illegal migrants


In the course of verification of the information provided to the staff of the SBGS by the local residents, the border guards of BU “Hrushiv” detained 11 foreigners, who planned illegally to cross the state border of Ukraine. The “seekers of better destiny” were the citizens of Turkey, six of them were children. Currently, the detainees are hold in the border unit in order to establish all circumstances of the offence commitment.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/na-lvivshchini-prikordonniki-zatrimali-11-nelegalnih-migrantiv/

Illegal migrants from India were apprehended at the border on Slovakia


The agents of the Western Regional Department of the SBGS provided the border guards with the information about foreigners’ stay in the suburb of village Onokivtsi, Uzhhorod district. Reaction group started to the place immediately. The unknown persons were found and detained a kilometer before the state border. Both men had passport documents of the Indian citizens. In the course of the verification measures it was managed to establish that the foreigners intended to get to Slovakia beyond the check points. The citizens of India are brought to administrative responsibility under Part 2 Article 204-1 of the AICU “Illegal cross or attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine”.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/nelegaliv-z-indii-zatrimali-na-kordoni-zi-slovachchinoyu/

State Border Guard Service completed targeted preventive measures in the framework of operation “Migrant”


In the period from July 26 until August 31 of this year, the  units of the Border Agencies togather with the interacting authorities ceased 3.4 thousand administrative offences committed by foreigners and persons without citizenship. They caught during the target operation “Migrant” being performed in this period. In addition, the employees of the State Migration Service and National Police also took part in it.

Note that during the month the officers of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine brought to administrative responsibility more than 3 thousand offenders being imposed with the fines totaling more than 8.2 million UAH. A significant number of foreigners, more than 90% were prosecuted under Part 2 Article 203 of the AICU “Violation of foreigners and stateless persons the rules of stay in Ukraine and transit travel via the territory of Ukraine”.

Besides, the border guards refused about 2 thousands of potential offenders a thousand foreigners in entering the country, 101 offenders were forcibly returned to their country and 24 persons were expelled. Fifty persons were placed to the Temporary Residence Facility and 52 persons are hold in the places of Temporary Detention Facilities of SBGSU. Also the activity of the criminal group consisting of 5 persons was suppressed, 4 organizers and 4 accomplices of illegal migration were detained, the Investigation Unit of the National Police received 15  notifications about detected signs of the criminal offenses.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/derzhprikordonsluzhba-zavershila-cilovi-profilaktichni-zahodi-v-ramkah-operacii-migrant/

Three cars with 12 citizens of Bangladesh were apprehended in Bukovyn


Verifying operative information by joint interagency group nearby the border in Novoselytskyi district three cars were stopped at night being driven by Ukrainians. It was established that there were 4 undocumented foreigners in each car. According to previous information the detained men were migrants from Bangladesh. The foreigners were delivered to the Border Unit in order to perform the filtration measures and identify persons. Three their smugglers are threatened with responsibility under Article  206-1 of the AICU (Illegal transportation of foreigners and stateless persons within the territory of Ukraine).

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/na-bukovini-nepodalik-kordonu-zatrimano-tri-avtomobili-z-12-gromadyanami-bangladesh-/

Law enforcers apprehended seven citizens of China in Odessa market, who violated the stay rules in Ukraine

Law enforcers apprehended seven citizens of China in Odessa market, who violated the stay rules in Ukraine


In the frames of operation “Migrant” the staff of Operation Units of the Southern Regional Department of SBGS, the SSU staff and SMSU in Odessa region have conducted a complex of events on the territory of the market “7th kilometer” in Odessa city, focused on the information verification as to the illegal stay of the foreigners within the Ukrainian territory.

In a result of conducted events 7 foreigners were revealed and delivered to the office of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, who violated the stay rules in Ukraine. The protocols were prepared with regard to the foreigners. they were fined for the sum of 119000 UAH. Now, the issue on their expulsion from the country is under the consideration.


Two “hapiness seakers” were apprehended in Transcarpathia


Receiving information from the local resident about possible smuggling of illegal migrants the border guards immediteadetly organized joint searching operation with the Police in the course of whicg two undocumented men were revealed. The detained persons introduced as the citizens of Mongolia. The men intended to cross illegally the Ukrainian-Hungarian border in order to move further aiming to improve their life conditions in one of the countries of the European Union. The foreigners were delivered to border unit for drawing up protocols and their identification as well as establishing the circle of persons involved in organization of there migrants’ illegal trip. The court will make the final decision on their case.