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Border guards detained 7 citizens of Bangladesh, their smuggler and accomplice


At the control post “Uzhok” on the highway “Lviv-Uzhgorod” between Lviv and Transcarpathian regions, the border guards of the BU “Syanki” stopped to check the minibus “Renault”. The car was driven by the citizen of the Russian Federation born in 1992. There was also a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, born in 1985, who had documents, and seven citizens of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The foreigners did not have any passports and documents confirming the legality of their stay in Ukraine. Accordingly, they were detained administratively in order to clarify the circumstances.

In the course of further inspection, the Bangladeshis confirmed that they intended to reach illegally the countries of the Western Europe. Therefore, their actions were defined as an administrative offense provided by the Part 2 Article 204-1 of the AICU “Illegal crossing or attempt of to cross illegally the border of Ukraine” (made by group of persons). The border guards also sent a statement to the National Police about seeing the signs of a criminal offense in the actions of Moldavian citizen under Article 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Illegal transfer of persons across the state border of Ukraine”.

As for the citizen of the Russian Federation, the documents were prepared on the administrative offense under Part 3 Article 206-1 of the administrative Code “Illegal transportation of foreigners and stateless persons by the territory of Ukraine”.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/prikordonniki-zatrimali-7-gromadyan-bangladesh-ih-pereviznika-ta-posobnika-/

The Russian asked for asylum in Ukraine due to the persecutions in Russia


The SBGS staff detained a citizen of the Russian Federation on the site of the BU “Zolochiv”, in Kharkiv. The man tried to cross illegally the state border from Russia to Ukraine and later asked for asylum in the country.

The border guards of Kharkiv Detachment detained a Russian citizen, born in 1994, as soon as he crossed the state border. In the course of clarifying all circumstances of the offence, the man applied to the representatives of the State Border Guard Service with a request to grant him a refugee status. During interview he explained that he was strongly opposed to aggressive state policy in his country, and their political views were being persecuted by Russian law enforcement agencies and now he is wanted in Russia.

That is why, for the sake of his life, the man decided to cross the state border beyond the checkpoint and ask for refugee status. Currently, upon completion of all procedures, the citizen of the Russian Federation was handed over to the representatives of the Migration Service of Ukraine.


Operational investigative divisions of SBGS continue systematic measures on crime combating at the border


The operational staff of the Kharkiv Eastern Regional Administration of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in cooperation with the National Police in Kharkiv region stopped another attempt to smuggle “live goods” from the Russian Federation to the EU, using the territory of our state.

So, during the special border operation performed in the private homes of the city, 30 illegal migrants were apprehended, immigrants from Vietnam, an hour before their departure to the Western border. These were mostly young people of the age 18-25, of which 17 women, who planned to reach the Western Europe.

So far, actions are performed in respect of the persons involved in illegal transportation across the state border of Ukraine.


Law enforcers detained illegal migrant in Sumy region


The law enforcement officers continue to use a range of effective measures to counter illegal migration across the state border of Ukraine.

So, the border guards of Sumy Detachment together with the staff of the National Police in the frame of the joint special border operation “Border-2018” and target preventive actions “Migrant” detained illegal migrants being accompanied of the Ukrainian citizen.

In the course of previously received information from the staff of the Operative ad Searching Units of the SBGS about possible unlawful activity, the joint detail of the BD “Krasnopillya” and Head Department of the National Police in Sumy region nearby the village of Turiya by means of the thermal surveillance device detected and revealed the citizen of Ukraine, who attempted to smuggle the citizen of Azerbaijan from Ukraine to the Russian Federation. Both men did not have any identity documents.

Now, the citizen of Ukraine is established – he was a local inhabitant of one of the villages near the border. The detained offenders were delivered to border unit for carrying out filtration measures and preparation of all necessary administrative and procedural documents.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/pravoohoronci-zatrimali-nelegalnogo-migranta-na-sumshchini/