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Migrants from Pakistan, the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Tajikistan and Afghanistan were detained at the border


The state border service officers detained 8 illegal migrants near the state border of Ukraine.

The special alarm system went off and the military staff of the BU “Uzhhorod”, Chop Detachment stopped and detained the foreigners 200 meters before the state border. According to the word of the detainees, they were the citizens of Pakistan and intended to get into the EU beyound the checkpoints.

And the border guards of the DU “Rava-Ruska” and “Ambukiv”, Lviv Detachment detained four citizens of the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh and Tajikistan after receiving information from the local residents. All men were unable to show any documents to the law enforcers.

Another “seeker of a better life” from Afghanistan was detained by the servicemen of the BU “Shehyni”, Mostyska Detachment. The offender had his internal passport.

All illegal migrants were taken to the border units to clarify the circumstances of their offences and the prepare administrative documents. The filtration events are continued.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/migrantiv-z-pakistanu-dominikanskoi-respubliki-bangladesh-tadzhikistanu-y-afganistanu-zatrimano-na-kordoni-/

Operational investigative divisions of SBGS continue systematic measures on crime combating at the border


The operational staff of the Kharkiv Eastern Regional Administration of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in cooperation with the National Police in Kharkiv region stopped another attempt to smuggle “live goods” from the Russian Federation to the EU, using the territory of our state.

So, during the special border operation performed in the private homes of the city, 30 illegal migrants were apprehended, immigrants from Vietnam, an hour before their departure to the Western border. These were mostly young people of the age 18-25, of which 17 women, who planned to reach the Western Europe.

So far, actions are performed in respect of the persons involved in illegal transportation across the state border of Ukraine.


Illegal migrant from Turkey was detained at Polish border


State Border Guard Service in the frames of special joint operation “border-2018”, which has been started from April 10 and will continue to November 30, strengthens efforts to counteract illegal activity at the state border.

The border guards of BU “Rava-Ruska” revealed and detained a foreigner during his attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine. The citizen of Turkey, YOB 1980, confessed in his intention to get to the EU countries bypassing the check point. Currently, the man is the border unit, where he is identified and all circumstances of violation are established.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/na-kordoni-z-polshcheyu-zatrimali-nelegala-z-turechchini-/

Citizen of Ghana with forged Italian document was apprehended at the border


During the documents verification of the tourists from the bus, one of the passengers presented the travel document of the Italian citizen for passport control. However, the inspector had some doubts about the authenticity of their documents. It was established that the Italian passport was completely fake. The foreigner in this way tried get through Ukraine to one of the EU countries. The traveler confessed to have the citizenship of Ghana.

The offender was detained and taken to the Lviv Border Detachment for clarification of the circumstances in order to initiate an administrative offence under article 204-1 of the Administrative Infringement Code of Ukraine  “Illegal cross or attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine”.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/na-kordoni-zatrimali-gromadyanina-gani-z-pidroblenim-italiyskim-dokumentom/

Seven citizens of India and Pakistan were detained near the border on Russia


The group of illegal migrants, this time from India and Pakistan, was detained by the border guards of Kharkiv Detachment together assisted by the staff of Operative department of the Eastern Regional Directorate nearby the border on Russia.

The law enforcers received information about a possible violation of the state border in the direction of the settlement Okhrymivka. Finding unknown persons, who moved from Russia to enter Ukraine, the border detail immediately detained the group of seven persons. There were 2 Indians and 5 citizens of Pakistan.

According to the words of the travelers they were trying to enter the territory of Ukraine in order to reach the EU.

Currently, the verification activities continue and the materials on administrative offences are prepared.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/semero-gromadyan-indii-ta-pakistanu-prikordonniki-zatrimali-bilya-kordonu-z-rosiyu-/

Unsuccessful trip of Turk to EU


Border guards of Lviv Detachment detained a foreigner during his attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine.

The border guards of BD “Rava Ruska”, due to the information received in advance from the district inspector, revealed and detained the citizen of Turkey. The man intended to avoid the check point and get to the EU countries. Currentle, the 30-year-old foreigner stay in the border subdivision, where the circumstance of the offence are established.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/nevdala-podorozh-turka-do-s/

Six illegal migrants were getting over to the EU countries through Lviv and Transcarpathian regions


One of the groups of the “travelers” was detained at about 2 a.m. by the border guards of Lviv Detachment. The foreigners arrived to the border by two taxi cars.

The border detail, while checking the vehicles on the highway near the border found four men inside the car. They introduced themselves as the citizens of Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. However, only the Lebanese had some documents, and the Iraqis provided the copies of the foreign passports. The foreigners tried to convince the border guards that they arrived at night to the controlled border area to have dinner at one of the eateries. Later they all admitted in their intention to get to one of the EU countries for future employment. Currently, the detainees are in the border unit, where all the circumstances of their journey will be established.

Two more seekers of a better life were detained in Transcarpathia at about midnight in the area of the BD “Velyka Palad”, Mukachevo Detachment. The foreigners made their way to Hungary. The quick movement of the unknown persons, who overcome the barrage fence, was fixed by the border guard. In order to detain the offenders, the soldiers fired warning shots up. The detainees did not have documents. They only reported to be the citizens of Afghanistan. To clarify all the circumstances of the offense and drawing up administrative reports the offenders were taken to the border units. The further destiny of the detainees and the degree of liability will be determined by the court.


Transcarpathian border guards apprehended illegal migrants from Vietnam accompanied by the Ukrainian


Three migrants from Vietnam were prevented to get to the EU in Transcarpathia. Information about a possible violation of the border was received by the operational staff of the Western regional department. The area was immediately deployed by the additional border guards.

Almost at midnight the soldiers detected motion of one unknown person near the border, who, noticing police, rushed to escape. During search operations the reaction group soon detained the citizen of Ukraine and 3 citizens of Vietnam. All men had no any documents. However, the Ukrainian tried to escape, but he was stopped by warning shots.

The Slovakian border guards were informed on this point as well as interacting law enforcement agencies.

The detainees are taken to the border units, where they will be identified and called to responsibility for their attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine. In addition, as to the Ukrainian the National Police forwarded a statement about criminal offence under the Article 332 “Illegal trafficking of persons across the state border”. The accomplices of the man are also in the process of establishment.


Flow of illegal migrants from Vietnam has increased in three times


One of these organized groups of Vietnamese was revealed by the staff of the State Border Guard Service and Head Deparment of National Police in Transcarpathian region at the support of the response unit of the Chop Detachment. They stayed in the private house without any documents and waited for the smugglers to choose a propoer moment for their transportation to the EU countries. Each of them had to pay $ 15 thousand for the “trip”.

Generally, during the six months of 2018 the border guards detained 207 illegal migrants for their attempt to cross the border, simultaneously last year for the same period 65 Vietnamese were apprehended. Thus, a sufficient part of the migrants from Vietnam gets to Ukraine by illegal way from the RF. The SBGS informed repeatedly that Russian special services assit illegal migrants in these trips. During their travelling to the destination point the majority of the migrants have to wait for months, often hiding in the basements or neglected buildings. The same happened with the group in Transcarpathia.

Meanwhile, at the channels of legal entrance to Ukraine the border guards registered 2360 citizens of Vietnam in the year 2017, and for the same perios this year – 1774. There is decrease in the passenger flow as well as in the number of those Vietnamese, who were anable to confirm the aim of their trip (6 months of 2017 – 35 persons, 6 months of 2018 – 23 persons).

Considering the fact that Vietnamese are usually detained in groups at the border, it may bear an organizational character in the smugglers and accomplices’ actions, who most likely act not only within the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders. It is of interest that recently the issue on the increase in the nuber of Vietnamese migrants is discussed at the meetings of the border departments as well as by the border guards of the EU countries. Thus, this problem was considered at the meeting of the border departments of Ukraine, Slovakia and Romania. In this context the parties exchange actively with available information about the activity of the organized criminal groups and possible border violations.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/u-comu-roci-vtrichi-zris-potik-nezakonnih-migrantiv-z-vtnamu/

Positive and negative consequences of Ukrainian labor migration

The politics commenting on the issues of migration, mainly remember it in a negative context, it is written in the blog on the “New time” by the Deputy Executive Director of the Center for Economic Strategy Dmitryi Yablonovskii. But is it migration, especially labour one, only a “betrayal” and how to fight this “betrayal”?

The increase in labor mobility contributes to global economic development. This occurs because economic resources are used through migration more productively. However, for donor countries the effect of migration is not always positive. The labor force is one of the production factors. Its lack in a result of migration may inhibit the development of the economy. If the highly educated and highly skilled workers leave the country, it restrains technological development and implementation of innovations limiting a qualitative change in the structure of the economy.

According to the researches of the Center for Economic Strategy “How many Ukrainians have gone abroad and what the country should do about it”, migration in Ukraine has primarily a short-term, pendular character. According to our expert estimates, up to 4 million Ukrainians may be involved in labour migration, while at the same time outside of the country this figure may be up to 2.6-2.7 million Ukrainians.

The negative effects of short-term labour migration can involve: a decrease in consumer demand, reduce of the tax revenues and social contributions, wage inflation, social stratification of the society. But the positive effect includes – reduction in unemployment and poverty, the inflow of remittances, greater incentives to invest in education.

Migrants bring or transfer to Ukraine funds earned abroad annually, which comprises 7.6-8.4% of GDP. This amount exceeds the entire volume of foreign direct investment in our country. For example, in 2015-2017 years, this money helped to keep the surplus of the current account balance close to zero.

Among the negative consequences of migration there is a labor shortage, which becomes especially noticeable with the release out of the economy crisis. The labor migrants leave the country for higher wages. To compete with wages of the foreign employers and not to lose competitiveness the Ukrainian enterprises are forced to invest in increasing productivity.

The Ukrainians working abroad, as a rule, do not pay taxes on their income, but often receive subsidies and social benefits from the state. In 2015-2016 the transfers from the state accounted for 27% of total resources of the households, more than 40% of Ukrainian families receive subsidies. It can be assumed that part of these funds was received by the Ukrainians, who could not qualify for them, if the declared income earned abroad.

In the absence of reliable data it is difficult to accurately estimate the net impact of migration on the country’s economy. In our opinion, it is positive during the crisis, but can become a constraining factor for economic development in the long term perspective.

European experience shows: the countries just joining the EU have experienced large-scale emigration wave to the more developed EU countries. For example, the population of Latvia in the years of 2000 – 2017 was reduced by a quarter. According to the International Monetary Fund in different Eastern European countries the emigration “has cut” 0.6-0.9 GDP from the annual GDP growth in 1999-2014.

In order to avoid the negative impact of the migration on economic growth in the long term perspective, Ukraine needs investments to improve productivity. This will improve real wages within the country and make migration to be a less attractive alternative.